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Kanji smarter, not harder

So, I found this site recently:

And I have more kanji retention in under a week than I've had ever before. Sure, some of my "100 kanji a week" study from last year helped, but I didn't check retention much then.

The key for the kanji part is computerized SRS (Spaced Repitition Software) flashcards. I'm using a program called Anki, available for Mac/Linux/Windows, that comes with a nice deck of basic kanji. Each kanji comes up, and if I don't know it, it will come up again after 10 minutes of studying other kanji. I can click on the name to get a nice story from the "Reviewing the Kanji" site (free account required). I can sync my progress between different copmuters or even study online (once setting it up on at least one computer).

The kanji I've learned will be reviewed within a week or so, then two weeks if I still remember them well, then longer.

The stories on "Remembering the Kanji" are based on the Heisig method but are user submitted. I've submitted two of my own stories so far. Warning, some kanji stories can be offensive, but some of those are the ones that stick in my mind the most.
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